Pet Owners Should Prevent Dog Bite Injuries

Consult a dog bite attorney serving Town and Country, St. Louis, MO

Do you need an attorney for dog bite injuries? Lutfiyya Law Firm LLC can take on your case. Based in Town and Country, MO, we provide personal injury law representation to clients throughout the surrounding areas. You can tell one of our established dog bite attorneys about your situation. They'll advise you on your next steps and help you build a case.

You shouldn't have to foot the bill for an injury caused by someone else's pet. Tell an attorney about your injury now by calling 314-727-0702. At home or hospital visits are available.

We'll get the facts before we act

Our dog bite attorney will do everything possible to make sure the dog owner is held responsible for your injuries. To do that, we'll need all the information. We may ask you questions like:

Was the dog a traditionally aggressive breed?
Was the dog restrained by a leash or fence?
Where was the owner when you were bitten?

We understand how these facts can affect your case. When looking for an attorney for dog bite injuries, you should consider our firm. Make an appointment for a consultation in the St. Louis, MO area today.

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